Prevention and Wellness

CCSU Policies Related to Prevention and Wellness

Wellness Programs

Current Programs:

CCSU Wellness Coordinator: Karen Zidovsky serves as the current CCSU Wellness Coordinator. Prior to serving in this role Karen served as Health Educator at Essex High School for over 40 years.

School Wellness Mini-grants – Each school is eligible to apply for an annual Wellness Mini-grant which is funded under the CCSU MAC/EPSDT Annual Plan. Proposals can not exceed $1,000 per school.  While proposal can be reviewed throughout the year, due to limited funding, we encourage proposals submitted as early as possible. Applicants are reviewed on a first-come/first serve basis beginning September 16, 2016.

2016 Mini-grant applications are now online!  Please use this link to apply using our new Mini-grant Application (googleform).

Additional Resources:

– Once approved, please fill out the Mini Grant Purchase Request Form  and submit to Holly Kimball for processing.

– Once the project is completed each grant recipient is responsible for completing a CCSU Mini Grant evaluation form  no later than June 1

Past Programs:

Essex Junction Student Mentoring Program – In 2013 CCSU received a grant from the Mobius Foundation and is collaborating with EssexCHIPS to provide mentoring to students in Albert D. Lawton School and Fleming School. The grant has since expired.

Farm-to-School Programs – CCSU has been actively involved with Farm to School programs and is a recipient of a Farm-to-school grant to support school gardens and educational opportunities for students.  The grant has since expired but supported many start-up programs in our schools.

Curriculum – Comprehensive Guidance, Physical, and Health Education

New!  CCSU Health Education and Physical Education Curriculum are currently under revision since the adoption of new state standards.