Local Standards Board


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   The State Agency of Education has made new regulations governing the re-licensure of teachers.  This new system was implemented during the last school year.  The new system will go to an online process beginning this year and portfolios and IPLPs are no longer required!  From this point forward there will be a simpler more personal look at your professional development.  More news to follow soon. In the meantime, please register online with the VT DOE using the new “ALIS” system.  Click the link hereYou must use Firefox or Internet Explorer.  IPads and Google Chrome will not work.

UPDATE:  Complete the work on you Blue Books and submit for final review and approval.   If your license is up  for renewal in June of 2015, you will need to meet with one of the LSB members to discuss closing out your professional portfolio (Blue Book).  Once you have finished the process, send all necessary materials to the LSB for our approval.   All materials need to be received by April 1, 2015  to be guaranteed approval before the June 30, 2015 deadline.     As always, any comments or questions may be addressed to any of the board members.  All

All materials for the LSB should be sent to the following address: LSB c/o Essex High School


OUR NEW FORMS (2015):  


Welcome to our web page!!    Meeting times for the LSB meetings are posted below and any questions may be directed to any member of the LSB.   To avoid problems or delays, we are requesting that all paperwork arrive at EHS at least one week  prior to our meetings and be sure to send two copies.  One will be kept for our files and the other will be returned to you.  We will need to reinforce these requirements in order for us to meet the needs of all our colleagues.  Thank you.      

CCSU LSB Plan of Operation

2014-2015 LSB meeting dates are:

January 23, 2015



Philosophy The Local Standards Board of the Chittenden Central Supervisory Union believes that high quality professional development is necessary throughout the career of licensed educators. Professional development will provide opportunities for school employees to gain the knowledge and skills that are important to their position, to the improvement of school programs and enhancement of student learning, and to their performance as members of their profession. Licensed educators will play an active role in the planning, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of their professional development connecting it to “Vermont Teaching Standards.”