Volunteer Registration

Individuals interested in volunteering in our schools must register to volunteer using our On-line Registration Form prior to performing volunteer services within our schools.    We have recently upgraded our system so volunteers only need to register once a year even if you are interested in volunteering at multiple schools/locations.

All volunteers are expected to abide  by all applicable CCSU policies and procedures, federal and state laws and regulations,  and other administrative rules while providing service  within our schools.      Expectations for Volunteers has been created to summarize some of the key policies, procedures and rules applicable  to volunteers.

Vermont Criminal Background Check

In order to protect our students from potential abuse or exploitation, beginning with the 2010-11 school year, school districts will be performing a Vermont criminal record check screening through the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) on all individuals interested in volunteering in our schools or recreation department.

No individual subject to the criminal record checks shall be eligible to serve (or continue to serve) as a volunteer if they have been convicted of one or more of the following crimes (taken from 16 V.S.A. § § 252 and 1698).   The list of disqualifying crimes is not meant to be all inclusive.   For convictions not listed, eligibility to volunteer shall be considered on a case by case basis.   The totality of the crimes shall also be considered when determining eligibility to volunteer.   The decision of the Superintendent in these matters shall be final:Sex offender crimes listed in 13 V.S.A. § 5401(10) (sex offender definition for registration purposes):

In addition to the above disqualification, it is the discretion of the Principal/Director to accept or not accept specific individuals as volunteers, and all decisions related to the continuation of a volunteer’s service.   The Principal/Director on these matters is considered final.

Child and Adult Abuse Registry Checks and FBI Fingerprint Supported Criminal Background Check

In addition to the Vermont criminal record check screening (outlined above), all  volunteers who provide direct services to students that involves extensive unsupervised contact with school children (e.g. over-night  chaperons,   volunteer coach/adviser, student mentors, etc.) shall be require to undergo the following checks:

A registry check with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Disabilities,  Aging  and Independent Living (DDAIL) through the Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS); and,

For volunteer services that begin on or after 1/1/13, an FBI fingerprint supported criminal background check under the National Child Protection Act which is processed through the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC).  This process will involve obtaining fingerprints with the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office.

In order to complete the FBI criminal background check and AHS registry checks, the prospective volunteer must complete and submit the following forms in addition to on-line registration form  specified above:


AHS Consent for Release of Registry Information

Request for Criminal Record Check  (Beginning 1/1/13)

Fingerprint receipt – which will be given to you at the police station when you complete the fingerprinting requirement  (Beginning 1/1/13)

Click here  for instructions on how to obtain your fingerprints

Individuals  will automatically be disqualified from volunteering if  his/her name appears with a substantiated report of abuse or neglect as listed on the DCF and/or DDAIL registries.  If volunteer services commence prior to the completion of the  registry check process, continued services would be contingent upon satisfactory  registry check and FBI criminal records check results.

Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer coaches are expected to complete all the background check requirements outlined above prior to their service with the district.   A  Volunteer Coaches Guide has also been created to summarize key policies, procedures and rules applicable to volunteer coaches, and to outline  additional expectations  related to  volunteer coaches conduct and behavior.

Forms and Documents

Below are links to all the forms and documents that  apply to volunteers:


Procedure G7D-R: Volunteer Screening and Supervision


Volunteer Registration Form (please use on-line version instead when possible)


Expectations for Volunteers


Volunteer Agreement & Authorization


AHS Consent for Release of Registry Information

Request for Criminal Record Check

Information for Obtaining Fingerprints

Volunteer Coaches Guide

Administrative Resources

Below are the links to view volunteers pending approval, and the links to conduct the required background checks for volunteers:


Approved Volunteers & Volunteers Pending Approval


Vermont Criminal Information System (for VT crime records) – Level II & III Volunteers

Agency of Human Services (for DCF and DDAIL registry checks) – Level III Volunteers Only

Notice of Conviction – Volunteers  (sample letter)

On-line Process for Volunteer Approval User Guide