This site has been created as a resource for school administrators, directors and other hiring supervisors to address some of the key personnel and performance issues.



  • SchoolSpring – This site is used for most of our recruitment needs: posting positions, collection and managing applications; establishing screening committees; screening applications; establishing interview schedules and rounds; document retention, etc.
  • SkillSurvey – This tool is used to automate the reference checking process.  It can also be used as a pre-screening tool for those folks you are interested in interviewing.  Below are some useful training materials.  Additional training materials can be found under “User Page” once you login to SkillSurvey:
  • New Hire Reporting Instructions  – This form should be used to report all new teachers, support staff, administrators, student teachers, and long-term substitutes.  Completing this on-line form accomplishes the following
    1. Informs CCSU Human Resources of the new employee, student teacher, or long-term substitute to initiate the employment requirements;
    2. Serves as the Recommendation for Professional Appointment for all educator positions;
    3. Informs the CCSU Mentor Coordinator of new teachers in need of mentors/professional peers; and
    4. Informs I.T. of the technology needs of the new employee/student teacher so they can initiate their work flow process (e.g., gmail, website login, network access, PowerSchool access, phone set up, AlertNow set up, etc.)
    5. Informs the Association of potential new members for agency/membership fee collection.
  • Aesop – This system is used for leave tracking and substitute calling.  Log in as a campus user to approve, monitor and report employee leaves; log in as an employee to enter leaves.
  • Para-educator On-line Evaluation System – This system is designed to automate the para-educator evaluation process while allowing feedback from multiple constituents.
  • Course Approval On-line – This system is designed to automate the course approval process so both employees and supervisors can submit and approve requests electronically and have instant access to course history.
  • Volunteer On-line Registration – This site was created to automate the volunteer registration and approval process, and to ensure only approved volunteers were being used in our system. The volunteer approval process is as follows:
    1. Volunteer registers on-line.  The on-line Volunteer Registration  is found under the Quick Links on your school’s website.
    2. Your secretary/administrative assistant receives an email notification that there is a new volunteer needing approval.  S/he will complete the required background checks depending on whether the volunteer is a level 2 or level 3 volunteer.
    3. Once the checks are completed, the secretary/administrative assistant shall submit the request to you for your approval.  If criminal records are found, a copy shall be provided to you.
    4. You approve or deny the request through the on-line system.
    5. If a criminal record exists, you must send the volunteer applicant a copy of the record along with instructions on how to contest the findings if they believe they are inaccurate.  Click Here for a notice of record template that you can use for this purpose.
    6. Level 2 volunteers must re-register each school year.  Level 3 volunteers do not need to re-register each year unless they stop volunteering for over a year.

Additional Resources:

      • For more information about volunteers,  please Click Here.
      • User Guide for Supervisors and Administrative Assistants, please Click Here.
  • Mandatory Training – All Employees are required to receive annual training on (1) Unlawful Harassment, (2) Bullying, (3) Mandatory Reporting, (4)Confidentiality, and (5) Understanding Child Sexual Abuse. Upon hire and minimally once every three years, all employees are also required to receive training on Bloodborne Pathogens. Employees must view the presentations and watch the video (if available) to complete the training requirement.  Employees are also responsible for reading and understanding the corresponding policies and procedures for each of these identified subject areas.  Supervisors/administrators are responsible for making sure those individuals in their school/department have completed the mandatory training.
    • Click here for to access the mandatory training page that includes a copy of the training presentations, videos and corresponding CCSU policies and procedures.
    • A written acknowledgement of the training completed shall be filed annually with the Superintendent’s office using the form provided: Mandatory Training Employee Acknowledgment.
    • Training typically takes three to four hours, so please be sure to allocate enough time during the work day for staff to complete the training (especially hourly paid personnel).
    • Training must be completed by October 1 for all employees, or within 30 days of hire if later.

Please direct any questions to Deb Robbins, Executive Director of Human Resources, at or by calling 879-5584.