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What are the qualifications for becoming a substitute teacher?

In order to serve as a substitute teacher in our school districts, individuals must meet at least one of the following:

  • Hold or be eligible to hold a valid teaching license in the state of Vermont or any other state; or
  • Hold or be eligible to hold a valid RN or LPN license, Cosmetology license, Dental Assisting certification or other professional/technical license/certification issued by the state of Vermont; or,
  • Hold or be eligible to hold an baccalaureate degree from an accredited college; or,
  • Relevant experience and/or training that demonstrate fitness for substitute teaching through alternative methods to those described above as approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee; or,
  • Pre-service teachers (which shall include student teaching or post-baccalaureate programs, internships, apprenticeships, and other teacher training programs) shall be limited to substitute teaching within the same classroom or department in which they are receiving (or have received) their training. Written certification by the Principal or Technical Center Director attesting to the individual’s fitness for substitute teaching using the established Pre-Service Teacher Authorization form is required before substituting elsewhere within the CCSU until a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college is received.

For more qualification details, please refer to the job description.


What do I need to do to become a substitute in your district(s)?


In order to serve as a substitute in our school districts, qualified individuals must submit an application electronically through to the posted position.   For a list of our most recent postings, please click here.

Reference Checks

Candidates who pass the initial application screening will be sent an email with a link to enter your references: 5 total of which at least 2 must be current or former managers/supervisors.  If you are a recent graduate, teachers, professors and instructors may qualify as manager references.  This process should be completed within 24 hours of receiving the email.  Once your references are entered, they will receive an email with the web link to complete the reference.

Please be sure to gather the necessary contact information (contact phone number(s) and email address) for your references after you submit your application to avoid any unnecessary delays.  It is also a good idea to contact your reference to let them know what to expect so they will watch for the web link via email.

Employment Requirements

After reviewing and screening the applications and reference check results, candidates who are selected shall be contacted to schedule an appointment to complete the required employment paperwork, including a fingerprint-supported criminal record   check, and reports from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the VT Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living (DDAIL).  (Please click here for more information about the background check and other employment requirements.) The costs and fees associated with the background checks are the responsibility of the substitute.

In addition to the background checks and other employment requirements listed above, substitutes will be asked to read our Substitute Teacher Handbook and sign an acknowledgement, and complete a variety of trainings. The Substitute Teacher Handbook contains general information about substitute teaching in our district schools, as well as helpful hints, references, suggestions, and general expectations.   Applicants may also be required to provide copies of licenses and transcripts when meeting with Human Resources.

Once you’ve completed all the required employment paperwork and procedures, your name will be added to Aesop, our automated sub calling and leave tracking system, pending the results of the background checks.  Please refer to the  Aesop Substitute Calling System  (below) for more information.

All  substitute teachers  must  also complete  CCSU Mandatory Trainings  prior to serving as a substitute in our districts.  This must be completed prior to meeting with Human Resources to complete the paperwork outlined above.

All substitutes are employed “at will”, which means they can terminate their employment relationship or refuse work at any time for any reason, or no reason at all, without notice. Likewise, the Superintendent or his/her designee reserves the right to add or remove substitutes from our Aesop substitute calling system or limit the assignment/placement of substitutes at his/her discretion at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all, without notice.


Are there any additional training requirements?

All substitute teachers who do not currently hold an educator license are required to complete Ed Training Center’s Introductory Teacher Training  within 30 days of hire.   Licensed educators and substitute teachers hired prior to 12/1/09 shall be exempt from this requirement. The cost of the training program ($20) shall be borne by the substitute.

Upon documentation of successful completion of the trainings outlined above, substitute teachers will be paid a premium substitute rate which is up to $15.00/day over the standard substitute rate. (This premium does not apply to School Nurses, who are already paid at a premium rate.)  Please click here for additional rate information.

Individuals who do not complete the training requirements within the specified time frame may be removed from our list of approved substitute teachers.


What is the Introductory Teacher Training?

The Introductory Teacher Training is designed for both substitute and beginning teachers to help better prepare them for the classroom.  The Introductory Teacher Training is composed of 5 courses and takes approximately 20 hours to complete.  The training consists of the following five courses:

  1. Substitute Teaching 101
  2. Advanced Classroom Management
  3. Instructional Strategies
  4. Exceptional Student Education
  5. Working with At-Risk Youth

The courses can be completed all at once, or you can complete portions of the course at your convenience. You can also move from one course to another freely. Ed Training Center will remember where you left off and will allow you to review previous lessons.

Upon completion of the five courses, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate of Completion should be submitted at once with your Mandatory Training Acknowledgement form (see below for more details).   If the required trainings are not completed within 30 days from hire, you will be inactivated from Aesop and will no longer be able to substitute teach in our districts.

The Introductory Teacher Training is quickly becoming a national training standard and is an excellent addition to a resume. Several schools are now requiring these trainings as a condition of employment. For more information, visit the Ed Training Center website at  and click on Quick Info.  For information on how to access and complete the Introductory Teacher Training, please click here.


How Do I Complete the CCSU Mandatory Trainings?

All substitutes must complete the CCSU Mandatory Trainings prior to serving on our districts.  CCSU Mandatory Trainings can be found on-line at   You will be given a username and password to access this site once you have been approved to substitute.  In order to complete the trainings, the following components must be completed:

Presentation (PDF) Corresponding Video
Understanding Child Sexual Abuse (Act 1) Understanding Child Sexual Abuse
Mandatory Reporting Protecting Vermont’s Children
Bloodborne Pathogens Bloodborne Pathogens
Harassment Sex to Religion
Confidentiality (No Video available)

Once the trainings are complete, please print, complete and sign the Mandatory Training Acknowledgement form and return to CCSU Human Resources at 51 Park Street, Essex Junction, VT 05452. Please be sure to include your Introductory Teacher Training Certificates of Completion as well.


What Trainings are Available for Substitute Paraprofessionals?

Ed Training Center also offers on-line trainings for new and substitute paraprofessionals. Whereas the Introductory Teacher Training is required for non-licensed substitutes, the Paraprofessional training is NOT required, but may serve as a helpful tool for new and substitute paraprofessionals. For more information about the  Paraprofessional Training through Ed Training Center, please click here.   Completing the Paraprofessional Training will not qualify an individual for the premium rate outlined above.


Aesop Substitute Calling System

Chittenden Central Supervisory Union uses an automated service that greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and managing substitute jobs in this district. This service, called Aesop, utilizes both the telephone and the Internet to assist you in locating jobs in  this supervisory union. The Aesop system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    Aesop uses  three methods to make jobs available to substitutes:
  1. You can search for and accept available jobs, change personal settings, update your calendar, and personalize your available call times by visiting Aesop on the internet at  If the employee has uploaded lesson plans on the Internet, you will be able to view them online once you take the job.
  2. You may interact with the Aesop system by way of a toll-free, automated voice instruction menu at  1-800-942-3767.  Here, you can proactively search for jobs and manage existing jobs.
  3. Aesop will also make phone calls to substitutes to offer jobs.

Individuals approved to substitute in our school system will receive a welcome letter from Aesop that will provide them with their ID Number and PIN number to access Aesop.  Training guides and videos are available when you access Aesop on-line.

For more information about Aesop, please refer to the Aesop Q & A for Substitutes.


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