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Salary Schedule Movement Requirements for Teachers

Prior Approval:

In order to obtain salary scale credit for a course, you must receive prior approval for the course, whether or not the district pays for the course. In order to obtain prior approval, please complete the on-line Course Approval process and select “Salary Schedule Pre-Approval” when prompted to indicate what the request is for.  Prior authorization is required for ALL courses, even PDI and other district contracted courses.

In order to be considered, the course must also be related to the teaching assignment or an advanced degree containing a major concentration in the teaching area plus meet any additional requirements outlined in the master agreement.

If you are not seeking professional development funds for the course but wish to have the course count towards your salary scale placement, complete the on-line Course Approval the same way you would if professional development funds were being requested, but do not select “Professional Development Funds” when prompted to enter what the request is for.  Please indicate $0.00 in the space where it requests course cost.

Proof of Successful Completion:

Please keep in mind, that even if you have obtained prior authorization, the course credits will not count towards your salary scale placement until we’ve received proof of successful completion. Proof of successful completion shall include a photocopy of the grade report or transcript issued by the office of the registrar verifying a grade of B or better for the course and the number of academic credits received. A letter from the professor or certificate of completion will not suffice as adequate proof. A copy of the on-line grade report shall suffice provided the employee’s name is printed on the report. (FYI – UVM’s on-line transcripts do not print the student’s name, however, their on-line grade reports do.)

In addition to the above requirements, in order for a course to be considered for salary schedule advancement, the academic credits must have been earned subsequent to the earning of a degree. This means that if you currently hold a master’s degree, we cannot count any credits earned prior to the receipt of the master’s degree as post degree credits (even if the credits were not applied towards the receipt of the degree).

Steps to Qualify for Salary Schedule Movement:

Below is an outline of the steps that must be met to qualify for horizontal movement on the salary schedule:

  • Obtain prior approval for all courses being applied towards your salary schedule movement (as outlined above).
  • Notify Human Resources of your anticipated salary schedule movement by September 1 of the corresponding school year.
  • Complete all courses related to the salary schedule movement prior to September 1 of the corresponding school year.
  • Submit proof of successful completion (grade of B or better) for each approved course being applied towards the salary schedule movement by September 1 of the corresponding school year. If the grade report is not available until after September 1st, please inform Human Resources and submit a copy as soon as it becomes available.

Please refer to the master agreements for a copy of the salary schedules.