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The Vermont Fair Share Fee Law, requires all Teachers and Education Support Personnel covered under a collective bargaining agreement within Chittenden Central Supervisory Union to either join the Essex Junction Westford Education Association (EJWEA) or pay a Fair Share Agency Fee. The Fair Share Agency Fee is approximately 20% less than the cost of the membership dues.  See the chart below for a comparison of the rates:

VT-NEA/EJWEA 2015 Membership Dues and Fair Share Fees


Membership Dues

Fair Share Fee

Teacher > 50 to 100% FTE New Member $614* Returning Member $715 $517.64
Teacher 26 to 50% FTE New Member $322* Returning  Member $372.50 $262.84
Teacher < 25% FTE New Member $176.75* Returning Member $202 $135.96
ESP Tier I 100% FTE Calendar Year New Member $329.50* Returning   Member $391.11 $275.29
ESP Tier II 100% FTE School Year New Member $295.50* Returning  Member $357.11 $248.39
ESP Tier II 50% FTE School Year New Member $251.50* Returning Member $282.31 $202.53

*   New members are excused local dues for their first year

If you wish to become a member or if you have any questions about the benefits of membership, please contact any of the building representatives listed below.  Please note that the sooner you elect membership, the sooner the deductions will begin resulting in a smaller amount per pay check.

EJWEA Contact Information


  • Joel Lagrow: Co-president, EHS Science
  • Jen Letoureau: Co-president, EHS English
  • Laura Williams: Secretary, EHS Languages
  • Lee Lichtenstein: Treasurer, Westford
  • Maria Royer: Membership Chair, EHS Science
  • Adam Weiss: CISC Chair, EHS Science
  • Doug Horne: Communications, EHS Practical Arts
  • Chris Halpin: Grievance Chair, EHS Special Ed.
  • Mike Gilbert: Teacher Negotiations Chair, EHS Mathematics
  • Mike Mahoney: ESP Negotiations Chair, Maintenance
  • Mary Beth Perilli: Special Events Chair, EHS Practical Arts

Building/Department Representatives

  • ADL: Donna Heath and Caitlin Classen
  • Fleming: Jennifer Songer
  • Hiawatha: Karen Harvey
  • Summit: Dave Neil
  • Westford: Gail Piotrowski
  • Maintenance: Gary Burnett and Denise Kerner
  • CTE: Bill Lance and Debbie Curtis
  • EHS: Erin Bessy, Kristin McNamara, Lori Olsen, Laura Williams, Julian Bradshaw

If you chose not to become a member, you will be asked to complete a Fair Share Fee Payer Form to authorize payroll deduction of the Agency Fee. If you decline payroll deduction, will be asked to pay the fee in a lump sum by the end of January of the current school year. As with the Membership Form, the sooner your Fair Share Form is completed, turned in and processed, the sooner deductions will begin resulting in a smaller amount per pay check.  If you have any questions about Agency Fees or wish to request a form, please contact one of the representatives listed above.

An Association member will contact you with additional information about membership and agency fees, and will provide you with any form(s) that you will need to be complete relative to your choice.

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