Below are some resources available to employees to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Aesop, CCSU’s leave reporting and substitute calling system:

Technical Support

If you have reviewed the written materials and have watched the videos provided above and still have questions about how to use the Aesop system, please refer your question to  the Helpdesk (at or call extension 1234), or to your school’s  Campus User (typically the clerical person  responsible for submitting payroll and leave information for your school).   Educational Technology Integration Specialists (ETIS) at each school have also been trained and can be used as a resource.

Please be sure to contact your school’s Campus User if you need assistance with the following:

  • You need to enter an absence in Aesop after the cut off time (typically 6:30 AM)
  • You need to modify an absence that has already been approved (e.g., change the start/stop time, change the date, change absence reason, change the substitute hours, change the absence from needing a sub to not needing a sub, remove the assigned sub, split the absence, etc.)
  • You need to cancel an absence within 24 hours of the start of the absence
  • You are having trouble assigning a substitute to your absence who has already agreed to cover for you
  • You are having trouble attaching your lesson plans to the absence
  • You entered an absence and a sub has not been found.  The Campus User can view the call history, view available subs for the day, and call those subs directly if necessary.

Please be sure to email Human Resources (at,, or if you need assistance with the following:

  • You never received an Aesop Welcome letter via email that included your Aesop ID and PIN
  • The schools listed for you in Aesop are incorrect
  • You work an alternative schedule and are unable to enter your start and/or end times when entering an absence
  • You are trying to enter your preferred subs and do not see a particular substitute you wanted to add listed

Additional Tips and Updates:

  • Leave Definitions: Leave definitions are now available as a link when you first log in to Aesop.  This will help you properly identify which leave type you need to request.
  • Substitute Hours Differ from Absence Hours: You now have the ability to enter substitute times needed if they differ from your absence times.  (For example, you may be out for two blocks, but only need a sub for one block since you do not have a class the second block.)  To specify a different time for subs, when entering the absence, once you get to the second screen you will see “Substitute Report Time” listed below the times of your absence.  To modify the sub time, check the  modify box and enter the sub start and end time.
  • Preferred Subs: If you need a substitute when you are out, it is very important that you set up you preferred substitutes as these folks will be the only ones who can see your absence during the first 25% of the lead time (time between when the absence was entered and when it begins).  If you do not have any preferred subs listed, no one will see the absence during this time.  For example, if you enter your leave four days in advance of the absence, those on your preferred sub list will be the only ones who can see your absence for first day following when it was entered into Aesop.
  • Entering Absences: When entering an absence in Aesop, DO NOT use the back arrow key as this will create errors.  Instead, you need to select the  Save or Cancel options.
  • Assigning Subs: When entering an absence in Aesop, DO NOT use the  Save & Assign option UNLESS you have already prearranged coverage with a particular sub (e.g. called the sub to confirm s/he could cover for you).  If you use this option without prearranging coverage with the sub, s/he will not be notified that they need to show up for the assignment.
    • If you have pre-arranged to have a specific substitute cover you for an absence, but are unable to assign the sub when entering the absence in Aesop, please see your designated Aesop “campus user” in your building, as s/he may be able to do this for you. You will need to save the absence before the campus user can make the assignment.  If the absence is planned, you may wish to indicate that no sub is needed to prevent others from accepting the absence while you are waiting for the campus user to make the assignment.   The campus user will need to modify the absence indicating a sub is needed before making the assignment.
  • Using Smart Phones: For those of you who have a smart phone, you can now access Aesop on these devises to manage your absences.
  • Partial Day Absences:  Employees who will be absence for other than a Full-day, Half-day AM, or Half-day PM, should use the Custom Absence Type when entering an absence.  Aesop will automatically determine the proper portion of the day used based on the actual duration of the absence entered.  Conversion charts are now available when you log into Aesop so you can determine which portion of the day will be deducted.  If you are a part-time teacher, you may need to use the Custom option for every absence if you work a partial day that is not half-days.