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Welcome to Chittenden Central Supervisory Union (CCSU), serving the Essex Junction, Essex Union #46, and Westford Schools!  This page is meant to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about our schools and CCSU.  If you have a question not listed below, or you need additional information, please call our Central Office at 879-5579 or email ccsuoffice@ccsuvt.org.

Information About Our Schools

Information About CCSU

Information About Schools

How do I know if my child will go to an Essex Junction or Essex Town school?

The District determines whether or not your child will attend a school in the Essex Junction School district based on residency.  If your child lives in Essex Junction, your child will attend school in the Essex Junction School District.  Students must live in Essex Junction to attend any Essex Junction school.  The Essex Town web-site provides information to help you determine whether or not your address is Essex Junction.

How does my child get placed at Hiawatha or Summit Street School?

Initial student placement decisions of kindergarten through third grade students are made collaboratively between the Hiawatha and Summit Street School principals.  We strive to maintain a balance in all schools.  Siblings are always placed in the same school.

Is there School Choice?

Yes – interested students can review the information and access the application via the School Choice web-page.

How do I apply for the Free & Reduced Meal Program?

Click here for an application form, information of this program, and benefits of applying.  If you think your family may qualify for the subsidized meal program, please apply.  All information is kept completely confidential and, thanks to our debit system, no individual will be able to know that your child receives free or reduced meals.

How do I register my child?

Student registration is easy! Simply visit our Kindergarten/New Student Registration page and follow the process outlined.

Can my child finish the school year here even thought we’re moving out of the district mid-year?

Your child may be eligible to remain at his/her current school for the duration of the school year.  This decision is made in collaboration with the building principal and the Superintendent.  If you are moving out of district, please review CCSU Policy JECB: Admission of Non-Resident Students.  Please contact your school principal or the Central Office at (802) 879-5579 with any questions.

Information About CCSU

What is CCSU?

Chittenden Central Supervisory Union (CCSU) is comprised of three “member” districts: the Westford School District, the Essex Junction School District, and the Union #46 School District.  Westford School District is comprised of Westford School (grades preK-8).  The Essex Junction School District is comprised of Summit Street School (grades preK-3), Hiawatha Elementary School (grades preK-3), Thomas Fleming Elementary School (grades 4-), Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School (grades 6-8), and the Essex Junction Recreation and Parks.  Essex High School (grades 9-12) and the Center for Technology, Essex (grades 11-adult), make up the Union #46 School District.

With almost 3,200 students, CCSU is one of the largest supervisory unions in Vermont.  General functions of the supervisory union include: insulating schools from unnecessary bureaucracy, providing centralized administration and management services to member districts, and serving in supervising, coordinating, and consultative roles for, and on behalf of, member school districts.  CCSU makes sure to always maintain a student-centered focus.

Who is in the Central Office?

The CCSU Central Office is made up of supervisory union administrators and support staff.  This includes: the Superintendent; Executive Director of Student Support Services; Chief Financial Officer; Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Executive Director of Human Resources, and Legal Counsel/Operations.  In addition, payroll and accounting is housed at the Central Office.  The Essex Junction Treasurer also works in the Central Office.  Please refer to the directory for a complete listing of Central Office personnel and their contact information.

Where is the Central Office?

The Central Office is located at 51 Park Street in Essex Junction, VT 05452.  The office is near the “Five Corners,” headed toward Williston, VT on Park Street (Route 2A).

Who is on my School Board?

There is a school board for each member school district.  The Westford School Board is comprised of five Westford residents.  The Essex Junction Prudential Committee is made up of five Essex Junction residents.  The Union #46 School Board is made up of six members, three from Essex Town and three from Essex Junction.  Each board handles local school district issues.  For overarching issues, and to set policy, there is a “CCSU” Board.  This board is made up of three people from each member district board.  Each board has an annual meeting and  reorganization  in the spring.  Members are elected to the school boards by community citizens. For more information regarding the school boards, please visit their web-page.