New Teacher Mentoring

Mentoring Program Goals

The CCSU Mentoring Program is a professional development program designed to provide effective induction, orientation, support, assistance and/or guidance for school acclimation and the promotion of professional growth and success in order to improve teaching quality, promote the retention of highly qualified teachers, and create teacher leaders through professional development focused on:

  • Acclimating new and transitioning teachers to the culture, systems, goals, and best practices of the school, district and CCSU; and,
  • Orienting new teachers to the CCSU Supervision and Evaluation Model based on Charlotte Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Enhancing Professional Practice and providing general support in the various domains, components, and elements of the model; and,
  • Providing second year teachers and teachers in need of improvement focused coaching in identified targeted areas as needed.

New Teacher Mentoring Program

The CCSU New Teacher Mentoring Program works with new teachers, mentors, professional and program peers in meetings and trainings throughout the year to induct new and transitioning teachers into their respective school settings and to facilitate and encourage continued professional development and teacher leadership of both new and experienced teachers.  This program has evolved into a respected, comprehensive, and fully differentiated professional development program.

We continue to evaluate program offerings and their importance and balance them with the ever-changing needs of teachers new to our district. The CCSU New Teacher Mentoring Program has been well received and reviewed by new teachers, mentors, administrators, and outside organizations.   The opportunity to collaborate, problem solve, and reflect as a large group of new and veteran teachers on our practice is a growth opportunity for all teachers involved.

Mentoring Program Description

The Mentoring Program Description (pdf) provides detailed information about the structure and roles within the CCSU Mentoring Program.