Preschool Opportunities

Essex Westford School District offers free, school-based prekindergarten programs at elementary schools across the district for residents of Essex Town, Essex Junction and Westford. The programs provide 10 hours of preschool each week. Age requirements vary by school.

For more information:

Johanna Simmons

How do we register our child? 

In order to enroll in the publicly-funded pre-Kindergarten, parents need to request state funding (Act 166) or a school-based slot through the EWSD school district. Contact Johanna Simmons for registration forms.

In the state of Vermont, 10 hours per week of pre-Kindergarten education is an entitlement for all 3, 4 and 5 year old children.

Families may apply for funding at any time and must apply for the funds through the district. If a school-based slot is granted, no funds are required; if a private preschool program outside of the school district is preferred by the family, funding will be organized through EWSD.

Enrollment completed after the beginning of the school year may be prorated to reflect the number of weeks the child is enrolled.